African Methodist Episcopal Church

June 30 – July 2, 2022

Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA USA

Bishop Frank Madison Reid III
Chair, Commission on Christian Education

Bishop Reginald T. Jackson
Host Bishop, 6th Episcopal District

Rev. Garland F. Pierce
Executive Director, Department of Christian Education

Dr. William D. Watley
Host Episcopal District Chair, Board of Christian Education

Rev. Jai Haithco
Host Episcopal Director, Board of Christian Education

About Christian Education Congress


The Connectional Christian Education and Youth Congress is a gathering in the AME Church held typically every four years (quadrennially) by the church’s Department of Christian Education as an intensive learning time designed for all ages, lay and ordained. AMEs of all ages from around the world come together for this gathering. When many AMEs are asked about the Christian Education event that had the most positive influence in their development as a Christian, many cite attending Christian Education Congress! These gatherings continue to be a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, learning, organizing, planning, and FUN for all ages. This time, we will have plenaries that help us go deeper into God’s word, leading us to a stronger witness for liberation, justice, and peace. There will be learning labs for youth and adults regarding gift discernment and the diversity of ministries, helping them to answer such questions as: What are my God-given gifts? What is God calling me to be and do? How can I make a difference in the world? How can I sharpen my skills and develop my gifts for ministry? All content is designed to help us individually and collectively H.O.P.E.: Harvest from the past, Observe our present state and situations, Pivot to make positive change, and work and pray that our ministry and our personal formation is Enlivened by the Holy Spirit. There will be Christian Education Certification as well as learning labs sponsored by various ministries of Christian Education and partner commissions: the AMEC Commission on Health, Commission on Social Action, Commission on Ministry and Recruitment, and the Commission on Seminaries, Universities, Colleges, and Schools. The Ministries of Christian Education will hold their elections of connectional officers at the Congress as well. There will be so much MORE! We are planning so that there is something for everyone!

About Our Theme

and HOPE does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us. Romans 5:5 NRSV

H.O.P.E. Christian Education is an ongoing process of learning, growing, and even changing. This is true for congregations and communities and especially true of individual disciples. The Department is embarking on a program of H.O.P.E. and this congress marks the official start of this process for congregations, ministry components, and individual disciples. The Department is initiating congregational learning labs that will help congregations harvest from their tradition, observe their ministry context and reflect on their gifts and challenges, pivot in order to respond to the ministry call before them, and enliven their witness and service in the world. Christian Education or faith formation in its discipleship-making calls the individual throughout their Christian life to harvest from past experiences and faith practices that have helped to shape them, observe their present state and the state of family and community around them, pivot to make necessary changes, and work and pray for the Holy Spirit to enliven transformation. Throughout the biblical witness and Christian faith, hope has been a central theme. For Congress 2022, hope will be our method, our call, our watchword, and our aim. Come, share, and give an account of the hope which lies within you for Christ is our peace, joy, and HOPE.

Congress history


Timeline of the Connectional Christian Education and Youth Congress
1907—First Connectional Young People’s Congress—Nashville, TN; Rev. E. J. Gregg, Organizer
1914—Second Connectional Young People’s Congress—Atlanta, GA; Prof. Ira T. Bryant and Rev. J.C. Caldwell, Organizers
1916—Third Connectional Young People’s Congress—Nashville, TN; Prof. Ira T. Bryant and Rev. J.C. Caldwell, Organizers
1922—Fourth Connectional Young People’s Congress—Chicago, IL; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Organizer
1923—Fifth Connectional Young People’s Congress—Birmingham, AL; Rev. S.S. Morris, Sr., Organizer
1934—Sixth Connectional Young People’s Congress—Washington, DC; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Organizer
1937—Seventh Connectional Christian Education Congress—Memphis, TN; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Director

It was at this Congress that Rev. Morris brought a plan for the establishment of the
Richard Allen Youth Council (RAYC) under the auspices of the Department of Christian
Education. It gave AME youth a chance to develop in leadership roles at the
connectional level as well as interact ecumenically with youth from other
denominations. Connectional RAYC officers were elected by AME young people who
were registered participants at the Connectional Christian Education Congress. The
RAYC is the predecessor body to the current Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC).

1939—Eighth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Philadelphia, PA; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Director
1946—Ninth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Chicago, IL; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Director
1948—Tenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Cleveland, OH; Rev. S.S. Morris, Sr., Director
1950—Eleventh Connectional Christian Education Congress—Atlanta, GA; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Director
1954—Twelfth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Jackson, MS; Rev. S.S. Morris, Sr., Director
1958—Thirteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Columbia, SC; Rev. S. S. Morris, Sr., Director
1962—Fourteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Louisville, KY; Rev. Andrew White, Director
1966—Fifteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—Atlanta, GA; Rev. Andrew White, Director
1970—Sixteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—June 30-July 3; Indianapolis, IN; Rev. Andrew White, Director
1975—Seventeenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 6-10; Washington, DC; Rev. Andrew White, Director
1979—Eighteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 16-20; Birmingham, AL; Rev. Andrew White, Director
1982—Nineteenth Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 5-8; Louisville, KY; Rev. Edgar Mack, Director
1985—Twentieth Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 8-12; Cleveland, OH; Rev. Edgar Mack, Director
1990—Twenty-First Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 2-6; Nashville, TN; Rev. Edgar Mack, Director
1994—Twenty-Second Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 20-22; Fort Worth, TX; Rev. Dr. Kenneth Hill, Director
1998—Twenty-Third Connectional Christian Education Congress—July 8-10; Toronto, Canada; Rev. Dr. Kenneth Hill, Director
2002—Twenty-Fourth Connectional Christian Education Congress–July 2-5; Charlotte, NC; Rev. Dr. Kenneth Hill, Director
2006—Twenty-Fifth Connectional Christian Education Congress–July 2-7; Orlando, FL; Rev. Dr. Daryl Ingram, Director
2010—Twenty-Sixth Connectional Christian Education Congress– July 26-29; Durham, NC; Dr. Daryl Ingram, Director
2014—Twenty-Seventh Connectional Christian Education Congress–June 25-28; Nashville, TN; Dr. Daryl Ingram, Director
2018—Twenty-Eighth Connectional Christian Education Congress—June 28-30, 2018; Atlanta, GA; Rev. Garland F. Pierce, Director


We would love to see you!


Need to Register via Mail?
The AMEC Christian Education Department strongly recommends all to use the online Congress registration and hotel reservation system at the website above but will accept mail-in registrations for those unable to do so. Questions or concerns: please call, 615.242.1420.

Featured Preachers & Speakers

Bishop McKinley Young
Senior Bishop, Presiding Prelate of the Third Episcopal District
Rev. Katherine Brooks
Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Far Rockaway, NY
Rev. Dr. Neichelle R. Guidry
Dean, Sisters Chapel, Spelman College
Dr. Obery Hendricks
Visiting Scholar Columbia University
Rev. Dr. Michael Waters
Pastor of Joy Tabernacle AME Church, Dallas, TX and Award winning author
Suave Burgandy
DJ, Recording Artist, Media Ministry Leader

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