Connectional Christian Education Certification Program (CCECP)

It is our desire to provide Christian Educators with the needed resources to assist people in identifying their call and equipping them in their ministry to make and teach disciples. Certification is designed to ensure that every Christian Educator in the African Methodist Episcopal Church has a basic foundation in Christian Education. As Christian Educators, we must teach to create a context in which faith can be awakened, supported and challenged. Certain skills must be acquired by members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church if we expect to be an effective witness in the global community. The Connectional Christian Education Certification Program (CCECP) provides one method of acquiring these skills. Certification involves the establishment of a standardized set of criteria and applications. Certification is important because the certified individual is trained and equipped to go and make other disciples. The CCECP process complements all accredited educational institutions.

Christian Educators, including Church School Superintendents, and Church School Teachers at all levels should meet the standards set by the Connectional Christian Education Department. The courses include theories and methods of teaching the Bible, exploration of the biblical bases for ministries, and equipping persons as disciples for the transformation of the world. Courses also include an understanding of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, its structure, curriculum for CE Department training, church studies, and resources.

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