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Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts

Scouting in the AME Church was established in 1938, and it is included in the AME Church Book of Doctrine and Discipline. The Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts (AAMES) was formed in 1993, under the leadership of the fourth Executive Director of the Department of Christian Education, Rev. Dr. Kenneth H. Hill, an Eagle Scout, bringing together boy and girl scouts leaders from AME congregations together to advance the scouting ministry within the church.

AAMES is a scout leaders association that has gained official recognition from the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) and Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

Open Letter to the Boy Scouts of America
from the African Methodist Episcopal Church in response to President Trump’s National Jamboree Speech


AAMES’ mission is to encourage and support AME congregations with their youth ministries using the programs established by GSUSA and BSA by:
  • Encouraging AME congregations to incorporate scouting into their Christian education programs for youth leadership and community outreach;
  • Fostering religious growth through religious awards programs, such as the God and Country Award Program and the AME Bishop’s Award of Excellence;
  • Promoting the desire to achieve higher educational goals by offering scholarships to youth earning their GSUSA Gold Award or BSA Eagle Scout Award;
  • Establishing a clear link between Christian principles as taught in the Holy Bible and the morals and values as projected in GSUSA and BSA programs; and
  • Providing another means of recreational and social interaction and development for youth.

AAMES Officers 2018 – 2022

Mr. Clarence Crayton — Director of Boy Scouts

Mrs. Vivianne Frye-Perry – Director of Girl Scouts

Rev. Dr. Missiouri McPhee – Secretary

Ms. Tammy Davis – Assistant Secretary

Mr. Robert McRath – Financial Secretary

Ms. Michele Neal – Treasurer

Rev. Linda Saffore-Brown – Chaplain

Mr. Anthony Franklin – Historian

Dr. Jerry Brewster – Parliamentarian


Programs of Religious Activities with Youth

The African Methodist Episcopal Church and Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) are pleased to announce the creation of a new A.M.E. God and Church medal.   The A.M.E. Church has been a longtime user of the God and Country Program, and this medal will now be used to recognize its youth recipients at the 6th-8th grade level.  At this level, young people are provided with the opportunity to work with their pastor, to understand the church’s structures and objectives, and to participate in service projects that will give them a better understanding of the mission of the church.   The God and Church booklets listed below are available at local council stores or from P.R.A.Y. at 8520 Mackenzie Road, St. Louis, MO 63123.

#33599 God and Church Student Workbook (for the student)

#33600 God and Church Counselor Manual (for the pastor)

#33596 God and Church Mentor Workbook (for the parent)

In addition to the youth award, the AME Church created a new A.M.E. God and Service medal for adults.  The God and Service award recognizes adults for their distinguished service in ministry to young people.  God and Service nomination forms are available at no charge from your local council or from P.R.A.Y.

For more information, please contact P.R.A.Y at 8520 Mackenzie Road, St. Louis, MO 63123 or call 1-800-933-7729.

Annual Membership Dues: $40.00