Fellowship of Church Educators

For the Christian Educator 2023

The Fellowship of Church Educators will:

-provide a forum for presenting ideas
-explore church education trends-
-improve curriculum-
-support Connectional Christian Education projects and programs-

FCE Report 2021

This short report to the 51st Session of the General Conference highlights the work of the Fellowship of Church Educators for 2018-2021

The Organization

Persons are called, converted and committed to the educational ministry of the church under the mandate given by Jesus when he commanded His disciples, “Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations.” To achieve this end, educators who are involved in missions education, discipleship training, Bible teaching, and other instructional programs join together to share ideas, insights, and information, develop appropriate resources, and learn new strategies. In doing this, the vision of our founders is embraced by reclaiming the importance of the teaching ministry and by encouraging congregations to become centers of learning.


Membership in this organization is open to all church educators who have been appointed to serve in the teaching ministry on the Bishops, Presiding Elder Districts, Annual Conferences, Episcopal District, and Connectional levels.
$50.00 membership fee includes: Subscription to Journal of Christian Education.

Membership Application
Dues: $50.00

You May Mail Check to:
Mr. Bill Dickens
Fellowship of Church Educators
P.O. Box 65241
Tacoma, Washington 98464

Make check payable to:
Fellowship of Church Educators

Fellowship of Church Educators (FCE) Officers

Bishop Frank Madison Reid III.
Chair, Christian Education Commission

Rev. Garland F. Pierce
Executive Director, Christian Education Department

Sis. Robin Porter Smith (2nd Dist.)
Chair | email: rps14069@msn.com

Dr. Roberta Hill (13th Dist.)
Vice Chair | email: drro@bellsouth.net

Mr. Bill Dickens (5th Dist.)
Financial Secretary | email: dickensb@comcast.net

Sis. Rosemary Range (9th Dist.)
Recording Secretary

Sis. Amanda Johnson (13th Dist.)
Corresponding Secretary

Rev. James Givens (11th Dist.)

Sis. Margaret Smith Perkins (2nd Dist.)

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