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Our mission is to educate, elevate and expand the understanding and use of the arts in worship. Through workshops, teaching, training and example it is our goal to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry through music and the arts!

Equipping the Saints,

Empowering the People,

Transforming the World through the Arts!

Hymnody and Congregational Singing Workshop

As part of the educational programming for the 51st Session of the General Conference, the Music and Christian Arts Ministry sponsored a pre-conference training in hymnody and congregational singing, with interviews from bishops, church leaders, music scholars, and leaders in music ministry.

Part A:

Part B:

Annual Membership Dues: $25.00
2022-2026 MCAM Officers
Connectional Director
Rev. Maurice Wright II (9th Episcopal District)

Associate Director
Rev. Myron D. Hill (13th Episcopal District)

Recording Secretary
Mrs. Francietta Allen (3rd Episcopal District)

Corresponding Secretary
Dr. Thalia Love (9th Episcopal District)

Dr. Wayne Singleton (7th Episcopal District)

Director of Dance
Rev. Sarita Wilson (13th Episcopal District)

Director of Drama
Mr. David Mitchell (6th Episcopal District)

Director of Choirs
Rev. Anthony Radcliff (2nd Episcopal District)

Director of Youth and Young Adults
Mr. Daeryl Booker (6th Episcopal District)

Director of Media Arts
Mr. Jarrell Pridgen (2nd Episcopal District)

Director of Visual Arts
Rev. Margaret Tyson (13th Episcopal District)

Director of Instruments
Ms. Florine Herron (8th Episcopal District)

Worship Director
Dr. Barbara McNeely Bouie (11th Episcopal District)

Rev. Karl Van Richards (11th Episcopal District)

Scholarship Chair
Dr. Roberta Hill (13th Episcopal District)

Membership Chair
Dr. Jeffery Norfleet (13th Episcopal District)

Former Connectional Director
Rev. Anthony B. Vinson, Sr. (4th Episcopal District)

Former Connectional Director
Mr. Willie Williams (11th Episcopal District)

Episcopal District Directors

1st Episcopal District Rev. Justin Powell
2nd Episcopal District Rev. Anthony Radcliff
3rd Episcopal District Rev. Beverly Cofield
4th Episcopal District Rev. Amani Henry
5th Episcopal District Mr. Timothy Davis, Jr.
6th Episcopal District Mr. Daeryl Booker
7th Episcopal District Dr. Wayne Singleton & Mr. Marcus Robinson

8th Episcopal District Rev. Allen Williams, Jr.
9th Episcopal District Rev. Maurice Wright II
10th Episcopal District Rev. Tangy Reed
11th Episcopal District Mr. Gentle Hamilton II
12th Episcopal District Rev. Keith Granberry
13th Episcopal District Dr. Jeffery Norfleet

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