The Writers Guild was organized in an effort to meet the increasing demand for Church School and other Christian Education publications.

We need you to share your gift of writing! Consider accepting the challenge to spread the Gospel message in a more excellent way through the writing ministry of the Christian Education Department of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


The purpose of the Writers Guild is to develop practical Christian Education materials, which will inform readers, strengthen their spiritual growth and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are a variety of writing projects undertaken by the guild. 

Church School Curriculum

Our writers engage in writing the Church School lessons for adults, youth, and children based on the Uniform Lesson Series of the National Council of Churches, USA.

Journal of Christian Education

Original articles are needed on various topics, such as Episcopal District Christian Education Congresses, Ministries in Christian Education, youth ministry, family, music, worship, prayer, Church School, bible teaching, young adults, Junior Church, discipleship training, international issues. Articles should promote and support the purpose of the AME Department of Christian Education as stated in The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Special Project Writers

Christian educators are needed in the creation of new publications and to submit original manuscripts about the Bible, Christian Education and African Methodism.

Congregational Resources

Writers are needed to develop new congregational curriculum resources to meet the needs of churches in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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