AME Church Calls All Congregants into Climate Justice

The African Methodist Episcopal Church stands together with other leaders of faith who are calling for urgent action on climate change on behalf of the world’s poor and God’s creation. Climate change exacerbates injustice, with the most vulnerable among us impacted first and worst, which fuels greater racial, economic, gender, food, and environmental inequities. AMEs are called to work toward climate justice as we walk in our faith.

Our Calling

Jesus commands us to “love one another” (John 13:34), and God has given us the responsibility to care for God’s good creation (Gen 1:28, Gen 2:15). The burning of fossil fuels is polluting our airs and waters, warming the planet and putting our seasons out of balance — with low-income and rural communities, communities of color, the children, elderly, and our faithful in the Caribbean and Africa bearing the greatest burden.

AME Bishops are Committed to Climate Justice

AME bishops offer testimony on how the AME church is working for climate justice and solutions, and how all AMEs can help to be part of the solution.

Train to be an AME Climate Ambassador

Strengthen your knowledge about climate change, working toward climate justice, and how to speak with and influence others with confidence and success. This four-hour training, which you can do online and on your own time, is offered to you from AME in partnership with Blessed Tomorrow. The training is FREE, delivered through an online Learning Management System, and comes with resources and the opportunity (within certain districts) to receive financial incentives for speaking about, taking action on, or advocating for climate solutions locally, regionally, or nationally.

Ambassador Training

Practical Guidance for Churches and Congregations

Download the Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community from AME partner Blessed Tomorrow, which provides practical information and resources to reduce energy use, strengthen the resilience of churches as sanctuary from a changing climate, and encourage support for policies that better care for God’s creation. También disponible en español.
Moving Forward flyer

Climate Action Sheets — What to Know & What to Do

Learn how climate change affects things you care about and accessible ways to act on solutions, then help others to do the same. Use these free, practical, two-page guides from AME partner Blessed Tomorrow that tell you what you need to know and what you need to do about climate change, then share them widely with others around you!
Effective Climate Communication

Become an AME Climate Justice Congregation

Step 1: Find out how to elevate action on climate within your local church and congregation with AME partner Blessed Tomorrow’s Moving Forward Guide, providing a stepwise process for reducing climate impact, readying your church as a place of refuge, and advocating for climate justice in your community.
Download this Guide

Step 2: If you feature climate change on your church website and link back to this AME climate page, you may be eligible to receive a grant from AME partner Blessed Tomorrow. For more information email

Step 3: Join like-minded congregational leaders in the Blessed Tomorrow Leadership Circle. Participate in an online community of sharing and collaboration called Mobilize, offered through AME partner Blessed Tomorrow. Get access to additional tools and resources, connect with leaders in faith, health, and local communities, and be first to learn about opportunities for climate action. For more information and to request to join email

Stay Informed

The AME Church is a founding member of Blessed Tomorrow, a comprehensive climate change program that provides tools, resources, and opportunities for engagement to inspire and empower our congregations and communities in our work towards climate justice and to be witnesses to others. If you are interested in accessing Replication Guides that offer a successful and stepwise model for you to replicate climate action in your community, Click here

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Questions or More Information, please contact:
Ms. Robin Porter Smith, Climate Justice Coordinator
Robin Smith

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