30 Day God Challenge


Get those spiritual muscles in shape with this excellent devotional and spiritual discipline regiment.

Author: Dr. Virgil Woods



The 30 Day God Challenge is designed to help you incorporate spiritual habits, often referred to as spiritual disciplines, into your daily and weekly life.  For years world religions including Christianity have emphasized the importance of regular and consistent spiritual communion with God.  In today’s hustle and bustle world, finding God-time can be challenging, but for that reason it is also all the more crucial.

This book is not intended to be a “salvation” piece.  I do not go into the effectiveness of prayer, why attending church is important and the wonderful benefits of a giving life style.  This book is the step after.  You know God and you are doing some of the things listed in this book already, but you are ready to deepen that relationship and seek to have more of him in your everyday life.  You’re ready for the challenge.

For More Info Visit:  www.30DayGodChallenge.com

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