Breathe, Balance, & Stretch


BOOKS BY Rev. Stephanie Butler Adams:

Breathe, Balance, & Stretch: Movement Meditations and Daily Devotions



In a success-driven, stressful society, many Believers have turned to the practice of Yoga as a means to focus, clam, and revive their spirits. Yet some have opened themselves to a world of Eastern religious rituals, and New Age concepts, which at their foundations, are contrary to the Scriptural confessions of Christianity. There must be alternative options presented in a non-confrontational, healthy, and spiritually edifying light–thus, Breathe, Balance and Stretch: Movement Meditations and Daily Devotions for Living.

This book will help you understand the power of Biblical Meditation. Your personal relationship with the Lord will be strengthened through practical, tangible guides that may be applied to everyday life—The result: a spiritually vibrant, fitness and meditative experience!

Following up her first book, My Body is the Temple, Stephanie further challenges readers to become balanced, transparent servants with character that endures in high times and wilderness seasons, for the sake of their own spiritual empowerment and the progression of Kingdom-purpose.

Breathe, Balance and Stretch is excellent for private and group study. It is biblically sound, informative, and interactive. You are invited to discover a unique dimension of communion with God that promotes creativity, rejuvenation, repentance, renewed alignment and balance with His Divine will concerning your life.

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